Refractive Lens Surgery | I. H. Fine, M. Packer, R. S.Hoffman (Eds.)

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Автор: I. H. Fine, M. Packer, R. S.Hoffman (Eds.)

Год: 2005

Качество: E-Book

Количество страниц: 244


The editors respectfully dedicate this book to the many pioneers of refractive surgery who had the courage to operate on healthy eyes in order to enhance the quality of life of their patients.

They were right all along and those of us who were doubters have learned that lesson and as a result have enhanced the satisfaction we derive from our own careers.


The first recorded time a human lens was removed for the purpose of addressing a refractive error was by an ophthalmologist named Fukala in 1890.

We do not know what type of criticism he experienced, but we know that today he is a forgotten man in ophthalmology. The introduction of this as a concept in the late 1980s by both Drs.Paul Koch and Robert Osher’s manuscripts, resulted in considerable disdain and some condemnation by some of their colleagues and peers. At the time,refractive surgery in the United States was limited to radial keratotomy.

With the development of excimer lasers came a very marked change in the attitude of eye surgeons internationally regarding the concept of invading “healthy” tissue for refractive purposes and within a relatively short period of time, LASIK was a firmly established procedure as were other modalities of corneal refractive surgery.

However, we have come to recognize that corneal refractive surgery, and especially LASIK , has limitations. We have also learned much in the recent past about functional vision through the use of contrast sensitivity and an analysis of higher order optical aberrations. We have also learned that the cornea has constant spherical aberration but the lens has changing spherical aberrations. In the young, the human lens compensates for the cornea’s positive spherical aberration, but as we age the changing spherical aberration within the lens exacerbates corneal spherical aberration.

Because of the changing spherical aberration in the lens, no matter what is done to the cornea as a refractive surgery modality, including the most sophisticated custom corneal shaping, functional vision is going to be degraded by changing spherical aberration in the lens over time.

This coupled with the fact that higher myopes and hyperopes, patients with early cataracts, and presbyopes are not necessarily good candidates for LASIK has resulted in a fresh look at lens-based refractive surgery.

We have seen recent improvements in phakic IOL technology and utilization and we ourselves have been increasingly motivated to work with lens related refractive surgery modalities.

Our own work with power modulations, the IOL Master, and wavefront technology IOLs has convinced us that lens-related refractive surgery can give superior results.

Stephen Klyce, MD, the developer of corneal topography has demonstrated, using topographical and wavefront analysis methods, that IOL intraocular optics are far superior to the optics of the most sophisticated, customized wavefront treated cornea. We have also seen the development of new lens technologies including improved multifocal IOLs, improved accommodative IOLs, light adjustable IOLs, injectable IOLs, and a variety of other investigational IOL technologies that suggest unimaginable possibilities.

Our own results with the Array and Crystalens have been very encouraging as has our work with bimanual micro-incision phacoemulsification, which I believe has allowed us to develop a refractive lens exchange technique that sets a new standard for safety and efficacy. It is our belief that refractive lens exchange is indeed not only the future of refractive surgery, but in many ways the procedure that will become a mainstay of ophthalmology within the coming decades.

A major task for any editor is delegation, and this book represents the ultimate in delegation. My reliance on my two partners is evident throughout the book in the authorship of the chapters we have produced.

It is my belief that just as refractive lens exchange represents the future of refractive surgery that my partners, Drs. Richard S. Hoffman and Mark Packer, represent the new generation of leadership in anterior segment ophthalmic surgery.

I.Howard Fine

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Chapter 1
The Crystalline Lens as a Target
for Refractive Surgery
Mark Packer, I. Howard Fixe, Richard S. Hoffman

Chapter 2
Refractive Lens Exchange
as a Refractive Surgery Modality
Richard S. Hoffman, I. Howard Fine, Mark Packer

Chapter 3
Biometry for Refractive Lens Surgery
Mark Packer, I. Howard Fine, Richard S. Hoffman

Chapter 4
Intraocular Lens Power Calculations:
Correction of Defocus
Jack T. Holladay

Chapter 5
IOL Calculations Following
Keratorefractive Surgery
Douglas D. Koch,Li Wang

Chapter 6
Correction of Keratometric Astigmatism:
Incisional Surgery
Louis D. Nichamin

Chapter 7
Stephen Bylsma

Chapter 8
Correction of Keratometric Astigmatism
AcrySof Toric IOL
Stephen S. Lane

Chapter 9
Wavefront Technology
of Spherical Aberration
Mark Packer, I. Howard Fine, Richard S. Hoffman-

Chapter 10
The Eyeonics Crystalens
Steven J. Dell

Chapter 11
Presbyopia - Cataract Surgery with Implantation of the Accommodative Posterior
Chamber Lens 1CU
Khung X. Nguyen, Achim Langenbucher, Berthold Seitz, M. KL'chle

Chapter 12
Synchrony IOL
H. Burkhard Dick, Mana Tehrani, Luis G.Vargas, Stephen D. McLeod

Chapter 13
Sarfarazi Elliptical Accommodative
Intraocular Lens
Faezeh Mona Sarfarazi

Chapter 14 AcrySof ReSTOR
Pseudo-accommodative IOL
Alireza Mirshahi,Evdoxia Terzi, Thomas Kohnen

Chapter 15
The Tecnis Multifocal IOL
Mark Packer, I. Howard Fixe, Richard S. Hoffman-

Chapter 16
Blue-Light-Filtering Intraocular
Robert J.Cionni

Chapter 17
The Light-Adjustable Lens
Richard S. Hoffman, I. Howard Fine, Mark Packer

Chapter 18
Injectable Polymer
sverker korrby

Chapter 19
The Vision Membrane
Lee Nordan, Mike Morris

Chapter 20 Bimanual Ultrasound
Mark Packer, I. Howard Fine, Richard S. Hoffman-

Chapter 21
Low Ultrasound Microincision
Cataract Surgery
Jorge L. Alio, Ahmed Galal, Jose-Luis Rodriguez Prats, Mohamed Ramzy

Chapter 22
The Infiniti Vision System
Mark Packer, Richard S. Hoffman, L Howard Fine

Chapter 23
The Millennium
Rosa Braga-Mele, Terrence Devine, Mark Packer

Chapter 24
The Staar Sonic Wave
Richard S. Hoffman, I. Howard Fine, Mark Packer

Chapter 25 AMО Sovereign
with WhiteStar Technology
Richard S. Hoffman, I. Howard Fine, Mark Packer

Chapter 26
Refractive Lens Exchange in High Myopia:
Weighing the Risks
Mark Packer, I. Howard Fine, Richard S. Hoffman-

Chapter 27 Conclusion: The Future
of Refractive Lens Surgery
Mark Packer, I. Howard Fine, Richard S. Hoffman

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