Ophthalmology | Made Ridiculously Simple | Stephen Goldberg

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Ophthalmology | Made Ridiculously Simple | Stephen Goldberg

Автор: Stephen Goldberg

Год: 2004

Издательство: Medmaster

Формат: PDF

Качество: Сканированные страницы

Количество страниц: 97


Most medical schools do not have a required course in ophthalmology. Consequently, students are often sadly deficient in this field unless they choose it as a specialty. In addition, a shortage of time prevents many from reading large texts on the subject

This brief book focuses on that information most vital for the non-ophthalmologist. Many ocular conditions present first to the primary care physician. Included among these are refractive problems, ocular inflammations, trauma, amblyopia, strabismus, and a variety of additional disorders that cause diminished vision or ocular discomfort It is essential for the non-ophthalmologist to know which problems to treat himself and which to refer. He must be sufficiently knowledgeable to detect subtle conditions such as amblyopia, which may be irreversible if not noted early and properly treated.

The book gives strong emphasis to common disorders, their diagnosis and management at the level of the non-ophthalmologist - up to the point of referral. Only minimal emphasis is given to the technical diagnostic and therapeutic measures that are the exclusive domain of the ophthalmologist.

Rather than text definitions of all potentially unfamiliar terms, n selected glossary follows the text. The clinical review in chapter 9 summarizes material already presented in the text, as well as miscellaneous other topics. The book also provides a rapid review for Medical Boards.

The attempts at humor in this text do not intend any disrespect for the field. Ilicy arc employed as an educational device as it is well known that many of the best memory techniques involve the use of ridiculous associations.

I thank Drs. Cleve Howard, Fleur Sack, J. Lawton Smith, Ronald Spielman, and Bill Trattler for their helpful comments, and Beryn Frank for editing the manuscript. The cover illustration was prepared by Sixten Netzler. Text diagrams are by the author.

Stephen Goldberg

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