Colour atlas of ophthalmology | Siew Ming Lim, Ian J Constable

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Colour atlas of ophthalmology | Siew Ming Lim, Ian J Constable

Автор: Siew Ming Lim, Ian J Constable

Год: 1995

Издательство: World Scientific Publishing Company

Формат: DjVu

Качество: Электронная Книга

Количество страниц: 166


We are delighted with the numerous enthusiastic reviews that we have received from international journals of the first three editions of this book. We are of course pleased that the book has been translated into eight languages: Malay, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, French, Finnish, German and Portuguese and that it continues to be popular. In (he last few years, new procedures and drugs have emerged. We have therefore updated every chapter to include the latest in ophthalmic management, but take pains not to increase the size of the book so that it can be easily carried around by medical students and residents in the clinics. We are also delighted that this book has been produced on video and CD-ROM.

It is also our pleasure to mention that in a collaborative effort, Dr Ronald Pitts Crick FRCS FRCOphth and Professor Peng Tee Khaw PhD FRCP FRCS FRCOphth FIBiol, authors of a A Textbook of Clinical Ophthalmology (the 2nd Edition, 1997, published by World Scientific-Publishing), have included references to the illustrations in our book, in their new 3rd Edition scheduled to be published soon. We hope that the cross references available from the two volumes will be beneficial to readers.

We hope that this updated 4th edition will continue to be of value to general practitioners, medical students, optometrists; nurses, paramedics and residents starting ophthalmology training.

Ian J Constable

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