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Portable, practical information at a glance

In ophthalmology, visual diagnosis is the most crucial part of an examination. This handy atlas is designed to help busy clinicians identify clinical signs and symptoms, establish differential diagnoses, and work through complex clinical questions -- efficiently and accurately.

The Pocket Atlas of Ophthalmology features:

* More than 500 photographs, line drawings, and diagrams.
* Precise clinical descriptions of all major disorders.
* Color-coded tabs for easy access.
* Easy-to-follow bulleted lists and flow charts.
* Side-by-side comparison charts for differential diagnosis.
* Succinct overviews of ocular anatomy and physiology.
* Valuable tips and techniques for diagnosis and treatment.
* Chapters on drug side effects and eye diseases in developing countries.

Also useful as a study guide or patient information aid, the atlas also includes a detailed index and numerous cross-references. Compact, durable, and packed with information, this volume slides into any lab coat pocket, making it the ideal clinical companion for all eye care professionals.
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In the preface to the second edition of this book we stressed that we had written the text in the hope of helping those trainee eye surgeons who were preparing to take their basic professional examinations.

We assumed that the optics they had learned at school had long since been forgotten, and we therefore set out to explain the subject from first principles.

Our aim was to keep the text logical and simple and we used diagrams liberally to complement the written word. These diagrams themselves were simplified so that they could be both easily memorised and reproduced – even under the stress of examination conditions.

Throughout the book we emphasised the clinical relevance of each topic and we hoped that this approach would allow readers to understand better the optical problems experienced by many of their patients...
Видеть Без Очков. Уникальная методика восстановления зрения от Школы Здоровья